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Req: Please help!

I am sorry moderators and president of this journal, but I need help. I need a header made for a friend of mine. It would mean the world if someone could help. More info at the link!
Hey, I need help with something! I need a header for my friends livejournal. Well I found some pics that would work with what she wants. She wants an Uncle Kracker header but a tour theme. So I found some pics! If some one could do a blend header or something really awsome, I would be forever greatful! I really have no preferences but I would like at the bottom or wherever it fits, have it say Uncle Kracker! My friends journal hasnt had something done with it for a while and i wanna jazz it up for her! So please if you can help me out, please reply! Thanks a million!

P.S. Here are the pics:

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